From today until the 16th of April, all orders over ¥30,000 will be eligible for a free gift which you can freely select from the list below:

A: Tozando Original ‘Hokodome’ Logo Muffler Towel
B: Deluxe Indigo-Dyed Cotton Men Himo Cord – “UME”
C: Mini Souvenir Shinai
D: Hakama Drying Hanger
E: Koiguchi-kun for protecting the Koiguchi of Iaito/Shinken

Please remember to write down which item you would like in the “order comments” section before the check-out of your order.

If you do not write down any item we will send you an Tozando Original ‘Hokodome’ Logo Muffler Towel by default.

*Please note that the free gift item stock are limited, and in case of stocks running out, we reserve the right to ship you a more readily available item